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Statement from USWU and the CWA on Hillside Township Mayor and Council Failure to Pass Emergency Budget Resolution for White Collar Workers

23 Mar, 2023

“Hillside’s mayor and council have repeatedly failed to reach an agreement and pass an emergency budget to fund the township, leaving Township’s employees in a position of being expected to work but unsure of when they will get paid for their work. This puts employees’ family finances at risk. Hillside needs to pass an emergency budget to ensure its employees are paid.

These employees serve an invaluable role in the township’s health department, courts, police department, and more, showing how vital they are to the Hillside community.

As with millions of Americans, many of these employees live paycheck to paycheck, and forgoing just one can cause them to incur debt that may take years to recover from.

These employees are our neighbors, working and living in our communities. No one should have to work and not get paid for it.

We are calling on the council and the mayor to come to terms and pass a temporary budget that will allow the critical employees of Hillside to be paid for the work they have already done.”


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