LOCAL 1040

Labor Day Message from President Obama


September 6, 2016

To: CWA Local Leaders

This year's Labor Day message from President Obama is a powerful demonstration of how important it is to elect leaders - at every level of our government - who understand the needs and aspirations of working families and who are committed to, as the President writes, "make it easier, not harder for American workers to make your voices heard."

You can read President Obama's full letter at https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/09/04/president-obama-letter-americas-hardworking-men-and-women

Our union, and the entire labor movement, fights every day for dignity for working people. We need elected officials to stand by our side, to make that dream of economic and social justice a reality.

I urge you to distribute and share this letter with the members.

In Unity,


Christopher M. Shelton

cc Executive Board

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