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US Supreme Court declines to hear case about NJ pensions







US Supreme Court declines to hear case about NJ pensions

 The case concerned Governor Christie’s decision to cut billions of dollars in payments he had once promised for the retirement system.

Christie began to cut those payments in 2014 despite signing laws in his first term that pledged more than $16 billion over seven years for the troubled retirement system.

Public worker unions sued, arguing that Christie and the state Legislature could not skip the higher payments. The New Jersey Supreme Court disagreed, ruling 5-2 in June that the seven-year plan was not legally binding.

In an order issued Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review that decision. As is their custom, the justices did not give reasons for declining to hear the case.

Effectively, it means that the ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court last year in Burgos v. State of New Jersey stands as the law.


The Only possibility of saving the PENSION PLAN is now the New Jersey Constituational Amendment.


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