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Brothers and Sisters- As you know, right now Governor Chris Christie is attempting to bankrupt the retirement funds for hundreds of thousands of public workers in New Jersey. If the State stays on the current path outlined by Christie, the state worker civilian pension plan is due to run out of money in 2024. So I ask- Will you do whatever it takes in the fight for our pension? Click here or click below to watch our video to see how you can help. We’ve taken cut after cut to our benefits with the promise of full payments into the plan. Governor Christie has not kept his word. Even worse, he refuses to obey the very law he signed and touted. Destroying the retirement security of public workers will not just end a modest retirement benefit for hundreds of thousands of families in New Jersey- it threatens to destroy the economy and services for our entire state. On Tuesday, May 12th , we will take our stand in the “Rally to Protect Our Pension” in Trenton - where we will demand Governor Christie make the full, legally-required payment into the pension. • 10AM in front of the Superior Courthouse for our lawsuit on pension funding for FY2016 • 12 NOON Rally at the State House Please, call your Legislators using our toll-free line: 844-325-5396. Tell them to pass a budget that includes the full legally-required pension payment. Thank you, Hetty Rosenstein CWA NJ Director P.S. Please share this email with any friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or allies. Tell them to come and join us on May 12th in Trenton! CWA New Jersey • 102 S Warren Street • Trenton, NJ 08608 • 609-278-6588 Connect with Us You have received this message through your subscription to a CWA New Jersey e-mail list. If you did not subscribe or would like to unsubscribe click here.

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